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Unveiling the Creative Process: How My Abstract Art Comes to Life

Unveiling the Creative Process: How My Abstract Art Comes to Life

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Hey, sunshine! Have you checked out any of my art videos on YouTube yet? If not, please do! It’s been so much fun sharing my process. I take you on a behind-the-scenes ride of how my abstract art comes to life. So, grab your virtual popcorn, and let's dive into the colorful chaos of my creative process! 

Janel and Gracie sitting on the floor together

I’m a self-taught abstract artist and I love to use acrylic paints on various size canvases. Acrylic is so easy to use versus other paint types such as oil or watercolor.  I just took a watercolor workshop and wow! It’s such a different process than using acrylic paints. So if you’re interested in starting a new hobby, I’d suggest painting with acrylic paints first. It's super easy to use and clean up. I use a few different brands of paint at various price points. My favorite brand is Liquitex, but some brands are a bit cheaper. Painting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. 

The Spark: Let's Get Grounded

Picture this: I'm lounging around, sipping my morning tea, or walking Gracie, and suddenly, BAM! An idea hits me like a bolt of cosmic inspiration. It could be a funky dream, a mockingbird pecking me on my shoulder (yes! That really happened. Watch that video here!). Whatever it is, it's the little spark that helps my creativity flow.

Color Fusion: A Kaleidoscope Extravaganza

You know that feeling when you're in a candy store with a gazillion colorful choices? Well, my palette is my candy store. Once I get the perfect combination of colors based on whatever inspiration I received, my heart will do a little happy dance!

Corner of art studio with paint storage on the walls

The Canvas Tango: Where Magic Happens

A blank canvas, my friends, is like a playground of endless possibilities. As you’ll see in my videos, all of my paintings start with one single line and I build off of that line with other colors. The first layer of paint is what sets the vibe and movement of the painting.

Blank canvas sitting on an easel

Layers on Layers: Unveiling the Magic

As the layers build up, the artwork transforms right before my eyes. It's like watching a mysterious potion bubble and brew, only this time, the magic is real. Each layer adds a twist to the tale, turning a blank canvas into a multi-dimensional journey.

So there you have it! A sneak peek into the quirky, colorful, and downright fun process of how my abstract art comes to life. From sparks of imagination to cosmic dances on canvas, every step is a wild ride that adds a pinch of magic to my creative journey. Until next time, keep rocking those creative vibes! 🎨✨

Janel smiling in front of piece of partially finished art.



Dec 27, 2023

This was such a delight to read! I am a visually reader and it reads like an amazing journey filled with color and creativity! I look forward to more!

Aundreia Johnson

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