Meet Janel

I am Janel Tracey, your fellow creator, and artist. You may be thinking, “Hey Janel, I’m not an artist or a creative.” But in fact, you are. Consider this. 

A painter freely and confidently chooses her canvas, paintbrush, and color to create his/her next masterpiece. Just like the painter, every day you freely and confidently create your masterpiece that is your life. You also have the freedom, with no apologies or explanations, to express your personality in any way you choose. Your confidence in who you are and how you display your essence is contagious because you light up any room. 

Janel Tracey celebrates unlimited expression using intentional bold colors that complement the beautiful layers of your personality. I transfer original bold art onto various-sized throw pillows, pillow cases, coffee mugs, and coasters. Whether you are craving more expression of yourself at home, in your office, or in your business meeting, I am here to help you do just that. 

Stay inspired with a custom painting. Just like your charm and essence, the custom paintings I create are one of a kind. My art is accessible, but access does not mean everyone has it. My custom process involves an exclusive piece created just for you. When you display your art piece in your chosen space, you know it was made for you and owned just by you. The custom order process is simple and easy. Leave the rest to me. 

Keep setting your mark in the world. Celebrate all that you are. Your bold expression is welcome here.