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Breaking Free: A Self-Taught Artist's Inspiring Transition from Corporate Days to Artful Nights

Breaking Free: A Self-Taught Artist's Inspiring Transition from Corporate Days to Artful Nights

You know, corporate America can really take a toll on you. For over twenty years, that was my world. It was a cycle of endless meetings, a multitude of spreadsheets and reports and a never-ending cycle of burnout. It's like a soul-sucking vacuum that drains you dry. No amount of time off was ever enough.

But let me tell you about my escape. When the office lights dimmed, I found solace in something completely different—painting. It wasn't just a hobby; it was my lifeline. See, I've always had this thing for creativity. So, in the midst of spreadsheets and deadlines, I'd paint during my downtime. It was my way of coping with the madness of corporate life.

I took art classes whenever I could. They weren’t just about learning techniques; they were my breath of fresh air, a chance to step away from the grind and do something that fed my soul. I took all kinds of classes: pottery, drawing, rug making, watercolors, anything creative…I was there!

You know what else? Painting helped me deal with the chronic burnout and subsequent depression. It was like a form of therapy, a way to recharge when corporate life left me feeling empty. And trust me, I needed that recharge often. The game of office politics, fake smiles and bullshit small talk used every bit of energy I had on a daily basis.

Eventually, I made a move. I left the corporate gig. It was daunting, leaving behind the stability (and chaos) that I'd grown so accustomed to. But I knew I needed a change. I couldn’t keep sacrificing my sanity for a paycheck. Like many others, the pandemic taught me that my time is valuable and I didn’t want to waste it being miserable.

Leaving that world behind wasn't easy, but it was liberating. So now, here I am, navigating life outside the corporate bubble. I’m still figuring things out, straddling between what used to be and what’s now.

It’s funny how life can lead you down unexpected paths. Leaving the corporate grind behind wasn’t just about quitting a job; it was about reclaiming a piece of myself. And hey, I'm still learning, still painting, still discovering new parts of who I am.

So yeah, that’s my story—a corporate executive turned artist. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s real. It’s my journey from corporate chaos to a canvas of freedom. And you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Jan 23, 2024

Janel! I loved this! I don’t have a large following but I’d love to host you on my channel to delve into your journey from corporate exec to artist!

I know you’re about to travel, but let’s set a date in February! Proud of and happy for you!! ♥️ – Afefe


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