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Finding My Rhythm: Balancing Creativity and Business After Leaving the Corporate World

Finding My Rhythm: Balancing Creativity and Business After Leaving the Corporate World

The topic of time has changed for me—it used to be a challenge, but now it's a friend, especially after leaving the corporate grind. See, when you walk out of that structured routine, time suddenly feels both limitless and fleeting. It’s been a journey figuring out how to wrangle it, and believe me, I’m still figuring it out every day.

So, here’s the thing: I used to be a morning person. Rise and shine, right? But turns out, my creative juices don’t flow that early. That was a revelation. I paint better when the sun’s setting or, let’s be real, even when it’s midnight. Those quiet, late hours? That’s when inspiration strikes.

Oh, and the business side of things? I’ve learned to handle that in the morning. Emails, marketing—morning tea and tackling these tasks just seem to click for me. Maybe it’s the remnants of my corporate routine sneaking in, but hey, if it works, why fix it?

Working out—now that’s become my secret weapon. At least five times a week, you’ll find me at the barre studio. It’s not just about physical health; it’s about mental clarity. Exercise helps me battle the lurking shadows of depression and, oddly enough, amps up my creative flow. Who knew a good sweat session could be my muse?

image of my legs and feet at a barre studio

Distractions? Yep, they’re everywhere. I’ve found my sanctuary, though—a cozy corner in my home where the world outside fades away. Notifications go on mute. It’s just me, my canvas, and the colors waiting to come to life.

Let’s talk about breaks. In the corporate grind, breaks felt like stolen moments. Now? They’re non-negotiable. I rest when I need it. Sometimes creativity needs a breather, and that’s okay. My mind craves those breaks—moments to recalibrate, recharge, and maybe even binge-watch a show guilt-free.

Saying 'no' has been liberating. I’ve learned the power of choosing what truly matters. Not every opportunity aligns with my path, and that’s fine. Guarding my creative time like a treasure has become second nature.

Time management isn’t a rigid formula for me; it’s a dance—a rhythm I’ve learned to sway to. Some days, I hit the perfect notes of productivity, and others are more improvisation than symphony. And you know what? That’s the beauty of it.

I'm still figuring out this whole time management thing, and with each tweak, it's like adding more shades and layers to the picture. It's not about getting everything perfect; it's about finding what really works for me, what sparks my creativity, and what keeps my business rolling.

So here’s to the unconventional, the late-night inspirations, the morning business hustle, and the messy, beautiful symphony of balancing it all. It’s my canvas, my rhythm, and it’s a work in progress—just like me.

Jan 23, 2024

Wow Janel.

I’ve never heard the adjust into flow put into words like this. I can completely relate to so much in your article. I know my time into my own flow is coming, leaving corporate flow in its place.

Thanks for the inspiration
Love Divine ✨


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